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  • [ – ] Game_Idea_Guy1 reply I remember. I didn't give so much as a fuck either, but I definitely remember it. I was rather young back then. There were tons of people back then who thought that "playing games weakens your mind" or that "playing those games is going to ruin my TV" (for the much older folks or even "people who play video games are stupid." I remember those statements and various other things. Yet we learn that eclectic gamers (people who actually play a variety of different types of games) are actually some of the smartest people on the planet, with great reflexes, critical thinking skills and the ability to process thoughts faster than those who don't. Now that it is popular (somewhat) there are people acting like they have always been into gaming. Or they are coming out of their gaming closets so to speak.
    • [ – ] DanielWingy parent reply Great comments mate, yea it was strange times back then. To even think people today would pretend they have always been into gaming, to us lot who went through it back then seems strange right. lol
      • Game_Idea_Guy1 parent reply Definitely...especially when said people can't name so much as a game that isn't heavily advertised or that is of an uncommon genre.
  • [ – ] JayCmakinmusic reply I honestly never knew of a single girl that played any computer games when I was at school, girls didn't play shit. Not unless they were secretly gaming, cheeky minxes!
  • [ – ] ELBADGAMER reply i remember that times xD... people say "you dont have friends and never you have that" and see like a rare bug :V
  • [ – ] SirNigelCogs reply When I was a wee bairn I knew one girl that liked to play NES but all the other girls weren't particularly interested. Playing games was always thought of as cool or acceptable with the guys, just not so much the girls. On the subject of games loading, from time to time I still think about how quickly our games load, and how quickly we expect them to load, and I think about how long it would take my Commodore 64 games to load. Even while in the middle of playing a game and having to flip disks.
    • DanielWingy parent reply YES i remember some of the arcade ports on the spectrum had like two cassettes, so when you got to the end of a certian level, you had to load that shit back up again lol
  • [ – ] Zenbloke reply We spoke of this on the State of Gaming Podcast on YouTube so Vidme crew check out Wingy content there too
  • [ – ] PILLB0XGAMING reply why do you have a nude guy on ur desktop? JK looks like golden axe
  • MysticSword reply Yep. I've been gaming that long. :P Thanks for your vid. I enjoyed it. Cheers!
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