UK School Kids are Taught How Sexist They Are!

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  • [ – ] Partially_Evil reply Fuck this Postmodernist Social Engineering Slaaneshi Whore Garbage. I'm starting to think we actually need to ban Postmodernism at this rate, don't give me the 'free market of ideas' argument, this shit isn't an idea, it's a disease, a cancer within the soul of society. You saw it yourself, grown adults are too indoctrinated to see what a five year old CHILD observing the world can see with clear eyes. And of course, gotta pollute the minds and poison the well while they're young, wouldn't want them growing up into healthy and well-adjusted adults who can think for themselves, would we? That would be haram-I mean problematic.
    • Xexor parent reply I don't think Postmodernism itself should be banned; freedom of expression should be upheld, regardless of how distasteful an idea is, unless it directly promotes violence. BUT, I believe we should def. ban the teaching of this garbage as if it were fact. Kids are supposed to be learning *life skills* - reading, writing, math, REAL history, REAL social interactions, etc. It should be illegal for a teacher to force their opinions / ideologies on their students at ANY age. Even for a BS course like "gender studies", the teacher should only present the information as "these are the principles of this ideology", rather than teaching it like something factual.
  • [ – ] Markusooi reply More "thought police" indoctrination
  • JadeJicama reply I don't think I would trust a surgeon named Jim-Bob...
  • wolfalexzemla reply They didn't bring in any guy's who do those jobs did they
  • InternetUnwind reply This gave me a brain bleed.... Not the video, the sheer strain to repress the desire to scream at my monitor that the teacher, teachers aid and video producers should all lose their jobs...
  • Rhyzir reply Another good one Dave! Honestly, when I think about this garbage that goes on I need a drink too. Luckily for me I can take my dog for a walk or a play session and that helps me regain my sanity. Dogs don't give a damn about all this shit, they just see the world as it is.
  • wolfalexzemla reply we sure don't want those kids learning math so they have a chance to compete with the Chinese kids. cause white privilege
  • blazedu reply i don't have a twitter account so here's my picture in text form 8=======================================D this mom's name is richard. Zhe's so tall.
  • mathphysicsnerd reply ...was that 3 bottles or 4?
  • basic_goku reply Hey It's the skeptics cunt.
  • SC87Returns reply Well this sucks, I don't know whether or not to have kid/s, after seeing this video. Is it legal to home school your kids in the UK?
  • GoMGTOW reply Feminist indoctrination if I've ever seen it.
  • Goldtooth_Fuckknife reply I AM THE KING OF EVOLUTION
  • lordcooler reply uk is a lost cause, do not fall into their mind traps. they want a one global government to rule over the slaves.
  • arenelomax reply #homeschool
  • kiroma reply Taken from Wikipedia: As of 2017 there are 300 female firefighters in the London Fire Brigade, 7% of the total.[29] As of March 2007 the proportion of operational firefighters in the U.K. who were women was 3.1%.
  • ElvisMusicGlenPage reply Well made video! Thanks
  • whitezombie reply Congratulations! You managed to join the ranks of the doomed! I would tell you of the horrors your future holds but i leave that to the Muslims you are importing! One good thing though you get to see those idiots die before they kill you too!
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