Podesta Group Subpoenaed by Mueller For Extensive Lobbying Efforts With Hillary Clinton's State Dept

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Everywhere I look on the Net there are people trying to prove with document that Hillary is a Criminal, how is it that she still isn't in Prison. The Hillary Book what happened is full of lies where she claims that Trump was breathing down here neck. I watched the live debate. This was a planned collusion orchestrated by Hillary CNN and the DNC to appeal to Hillary's the feminist propaganda. agenda. At the 31 Minute mark watch Hillary walk across the stage too place herself in the same side of the stage as Trump. Then with CNN switches Cameras and quickly zooms in to make it look like Trump is standing closer behind her that he actually is, he is standing beside his chair. It is Hillary that is on the other side of the stage.. She is a liar and a Manipulator and CNN is a Crap News Network creating lies to cause HATE. CNN is NAZI Propaganda staging fake stories, and colluding with the DNC which gave Hillary the Question in advance. Watch this video which proves what I just wrote about....more Hillary sees her signal then proceeds across the stage and takes her mark. Skip to the 31 minute mark and watch just past the 33 minute mark. This is just another example of CNN Collusion and the Fake CNN narrative. Hillary entire campaign was about trying to push forward Feminist shaming methods. The entire Feminist movement is about using shaming methods to achieve control or others, this was pre-planned and passed off as an injustice where there isn't one. FULL VIDEO: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - 2nd Presidential Debate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-gkBUbU_F4
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