TS Madison Does DragCon // 60 Second Docs

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  • 666333 reply 999moon2
  • owlcat reply disgusting and depraved
  • WithLoveVonKiev reply We are all created by the same God. No matterour dogmatic differences. Divisivness is the predominant critical error within the collective of human thought.
  • kokoo000 reply شقها الخال
  • DrCut reply Do what you like. It's the only law. :)
  • WithLoveVonKiev reply Just like the soil and Clay from whence we came. We too Come in all the colors of clay beneath our feet. Yet the Illusion of divisivness Leads one to think those who are different should be trampled under foot. However conservative thought does not make a conservative better than a Liberal thinker. Division is the error
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