Sanders, Gillibrand, Booker, et al, Seek to Force the Neoliberals to Embrace Single Payer

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  • [ – ] Thurisaz17 reply When Bernie Sanders dies, I will rejoice. Hate me if you want to, but your hate will never match the hate I have for Bernie Sanders.
    • [ – ] joystickjiggler parent reply Id rather have him convert to an alt-righter. Could you imagen the lefts tears if their savior became the devil?
      • ironrope parent reply "oy vey ze marxists are in ze colleges goyim! ze blacks commit all ze crimes goyim! donate to save the day it is our only hope goyim!!!!" - bernie "alt-knight" sanders, 2020
    • Auceza parent reply Crazy Bernie: Stalin dindu nuffin wrong.
    • 173 parent reply Problem is, someone else will take up that torch and push the envelopes further. Post meta-truth era.
  • [ – ] Bonanny reply Comrade Bernout needs the metal plate in his head adjusted.
  • GSP-4ME reply wow Styx, your political analysis is good,..but your economics,...not so hot. If a direct subsidy for veterans is given,, the cost of veteran care will go up,..because health care providers will factor in the government subsidy over time. Privatized health care, by definition, means the primary motive is profit, then the health care. There are plenty of successful;, western democracies that provide their citizens with free health care. Its simply a matter of replicating a system, changing it over time to suit the US consumer and politics, and improving it over time. Of course, this assumes that your politicians are not corrupt, and thus not taking payments from big pharma and insurance companies - oh, wait, this is the US,..scrap all that,..great idea Styx, you guys run with what he said. Also, all US citizens, Australia has a very fair immigration policy for skilled workers. Just saying,... : P
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply Everyday is laundry day for styx.
  • [ – ] MyDingaling reply Styx does a good Bernie & Dubya.
  • peacey reply My gawd I effin love you Styx! A sane voice of reason! You are one of the few who can see beyond the surface, you understand that nothing happens in a vacuum and when one thing is changed, it effects everything else in turn. Yes, I'm totally fangirling over you, but damn dude, you deserve it. All that insight and brilliance wrapped up in a leather jacket with no shirt - swoon.
  • Shugtastic reply Well, this is a lot of poking holes in the suggestion of others but not much alternatives offered. Single payer and universal health care is expensive, but as it is in the USA having a serious illness leads to impoverishment for many people, and the health insurance system is a scam where the cost is extortionate. Reforms are never going to work as long as you remain wedded to the hyper-capitalist system you have now. Here in Australia the balance between public and private is good. We have a far smaller population but the system works well for everyone. Here becoming seriously ill doesn't mean you need to sell your house.
  • Auceza reply Styx at his best by hammering idiot king Bernie.
  • getarealhaircut reply From what I have observed in my own country direct subsidies are not much better they result in higher cost with a whole bunch of Administration charges materializing out of thin air to "Assist and Care" for people who are subsidized, so then you can only go to certain approved agents if your subsidized and at that point your back where you started but have just outsourced the problem without removing it. Perhaps a collective bargaining approach from enlisted/veterans with the private sector would work better where the ever looming threat of the entirety of the enlisted people moving to another insurer would keep you honest
  • LT_Fish reply "When Sen. Bernie Sanders (I.,Vt.) proposed a “Medicare for all” health plan in his presidential campaign, the nonpartisan Urban Institute figured that it would raise government spending by $32 trillion over 10 years, requiring a tax increase so huge that even the democratic socialist Mr. Sanders did not propose anything close to it." "Indeed, Sanders’s 2016 revenue plan was a staggering $18 trillion short and still imposed more than $14 trillion in new taxes." VA is awful too - just too big.
  • DickDitty reply Screw you Styx 🖕 I wanted to say that! (the part about subsidize the states anyway)
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Why have we forgotten about getting government out of health care and everything else they meddle in? Government is bad at everything. It looks like they have convinced the people that government needs to be involved. Deregulate the industry. Slowly they have put constraints to open medical centers and hospitals. It takes millions to open one with all the paperwork you need and you have to hire a team of lawyers.
  • 173 reply Single payer is dangerous to the individual. It equates to an elementary form of Zersetzung.
  • RobertTLongway reply Trump is proposing an increase to VA budget and signed VA whistleblower protections into law already didn't he? I will have to look it up
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