Zach Rance Younow 6-2-15

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  • Heather112 reply Zach felt threatened, so he acted like a butthole big shot for a sec. It's like classic fronting ---- pretty transparent, really. He was saying whatever he thought the guy wanted to hear in order to gain favor. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.
  • jennerific713 reply I didn't hear all the things you heard but he definitely confirms the TAR rumors about himself, Frankie, Cody & Devin. I didn't hear anything about $10,000. And yes, he pokes fun at his younow audience. Something about, "I show my abs and there's like 300 girls in there paying me" and he's laughing. (Where's the lie?) Then, when he's speaking louder at the end, confirms "he sells himself online" (again, where's the lie? LOL) Hopefully his fans have a sense of humor. I mean, we kind of all need one around here, right? :)
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