SHARE Act Has The Votes!

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  • GSP-4ME reply Could you please do a video presenting your ideas as to how the second amendment can be respected, whilst also minimizing, annual gun related deaths. Specifically, what could the NRA and Gun manufactures do to improve their product e.g. finger print recognition on the trigger, or a disabling mechanism that employs if the firearm gets too far from the user/purchaser?, or maybe active a signal indicating whereabouts and owner, to law enforcement, in real time, when a gun is loaded in a non hunting zone). Keep in mind, I'm a total dumb ass when it comes to guns. I thought I'd pose this question to Guns and Gadgets, since he obviously has the expertise and has also had a background in law enforcement. Cheers, keep up the good work.
  • Avery_1-7 reply Good news indeed. However, let's all remember, this is just the first step. The 1968 Gun Control Act, and the Hughes Amendment also need to go away. We win when the NFA is tossed into the dustbin of history. Stay frosty my friends. Thank you G&G!
  • wolfalexzemla reply pelousey is nuttier than squirrel shit.
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