TRIGGERED (SEP 29, 2017)

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  • TheMeekGeek reply New Assassin's Creed Video Game with PLUS SIZED Assassins? It would be funny to see a parody video game would be HILARIOUS! :D Assassin's Creed: Venus of Willendorf Adventures coming to a Video Game Store THIS CHRISTMAS! Pre-Order TODAY! ;)
  • boondicks reply I kinda view tj with a bit of disgust
  • jasonlee3071 reply I see Hefner as a healthy alternative to those feminist fanatics and especially to those right wing evangelical christian fundies, who I equally loathe. And some of them are hypocrites anyway like that one evangelist who got caught with a prostitute twice. Forgot his name but he is well known and a real pathetic example of a man or a human being. He probably also had a stash of playboy magazines hidden away in his desk or safebox to browse thru when his parishioners weren't around.
  • TheMeekGeek reply A moment of silence for The Hef. Big, bouncy, breasts. In heaven...
  • firaro reply What is the song that's his outro?
  • Platypus67 reply R. I. P. Hugh. Ken "the megaduche" goes ham - again... And as always: fuck all these feminazi #HYPERCUNTS!!
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