Game Collector Found MOONWALKER Missing Chiptune Thriller Music for the SEGA Genesis!!

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  • gamelov3 reply OH shit!! This is dope!! I never knew something like that existed!
  • SlaughterMeStreet reply And that is a legit cartridge
  • SlaughterMeStreet reply Sega has always been on the cutting edge of gaming ideas. Its a shame they fell apart later
  • [ – ] SlaughterMeStreet reply Love your channel, love anything 80s! If you get a second, check my channel out too ! Its pretty 80s... you'll see what I mean... ;)
    • DarkWolf80s parent reply Oh wow!! DUDE!! Thank you so much for checking out my work! It took a lot of my time to put this particular film together as I needed to not only film it properly but I had to sit down and do some research digging on the games history. Also, I've checked some of your works. Cool Stuff dude
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