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  • TheRebCast reply I VERY DISTINCTLY remember watching this movie as a teen in the 90s. I remember Sinbad's overly dramatic bright purple genie outfit complete with the gawdy gold hooped earrings. I remember even making corny pun jokes with my siblings how "Sinbad was really bad as a genie in the movie"; it was a B rated movie, but still existed non the less. When I first discovered that in "this reality", the movie doesn't even exist, I immediately called my siblings to see if they also remembered watching the movie and they said ofcourse they did... it was one of those movies that it was good and you couldn't forget it even if you wanted to... when I told them why I was asking, they absolutely did not believe me and immediately started to go on to IMDb and Googled it and were completely perplexed that it's nowhere to be found... Crazy
  • [ – ] DrLupo reply I remember the commercials for it. ME.
  • Seawolf25 reply so weird, but interesting.
  • 4real0316 reply There are two videos put up about five minutes apart on this website. Both of them are trying to tell people that they are misremembering and that they have a mental disorder. And I said it before and I'll say it again if thousands if not millions of people from all across the globe have the same memories from theier collective childhood, people who don't know each other or have never talked to exchange a false memory. Then it is not misremembering. If this current reality does not line up with these many many people's memories then something is going on but it is not a mental disorder or misremembering. Yes they're telling people what they're doing and what to think and how to think it through lining them up to brand them with a mental disorder wait-and-see.
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