DROIDS BE BREAKING IN ♥ Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic [EP. 21]

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  • [ – ] Luciful_Mephisto reply A fun/funny tip is that you can bypass the strength stat all together and dump all those points into dex (dexterity). I cant remember well but I think sabers will rely on whichever stat is higher, strength or dex. Unless im wrong then it relies solely on dex only but i think its the first. The tactic doesnt leave you totally defenseless because firearms also rely on your dex stat (partially anyway). It could be viewed as somewhat tedious run because it may requires you to have a good idea of what it is you want to invest your points in and what little you can skirt by with until you get a saber (which can be pretty early on) and you will rely far more on your team to compensate for any weaknesses. I usually Dump my points into dex, a bit into wisdom, charisma and just enough into intellect. Essentially my main char is usually a manipulative diplomat whose even better with a saber and smiting someone with force lightning. Mission is my demolitions expert whose somewhat good at hacking ...more(I usually leave that kind of thing to the droid)and also guns or blades (i think the wookie makes a good duelist tho).
    • AwesomeJenn parent reply Thank you for the tip! I love to hear to hear different tips from others who have played before me. I fear I have not put anything really into diplomatic. x_x
  • [ – ] linktheinformer reply I love the droid! He's like R2D2!
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