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  • [ – ] TanyaMills reply That was great when you referred to Angela Merkel as "some creature" here in Canada our creature is called Justin Trudeau. XD
    • [ – ] sowhat_vid_me parent reply Trudeau and Merkel are pieces of xxxx. Total traitors. Same as Obama, Clinton, Macron, and so many others. Please continue to make videos. Just disregard these trolls that made you sad. I know so many people who would give it to these trolls, like royally. Trolls are idiots. Just disregard them or be mean to them. Back when I had my youtube channels I got to know so many nice people. And they would really be able to xxxx up these trolls. I will try to link a video now of a very nice youtuber. She is a very nice transgender woman
      • [ – ] TanyaMills parent reply Thank you for the advice and the support. And thanks for the link. I appreciate it :)
        • sowhat_vid_me parent reply You are welcome. I just cannot stand injustice and other people are also angry about it. Many greetings to you.
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