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  • ssj4maiko reply This video made me realize something. First, I'm almost sure that the wish that will be made on the Dragon Balls is to move the worlds and gods from the losing universes to the winner's, which will probably mean Universe 7 will win, and everyone will move there. Now, I'm not sure what will happen with the gods, the gods of creation can probably move to Kaioshin's planet, just stripped of their titles, but what will happen with the Gods of Destruction, maybe they will also lose their roles, and will simply remain as very strong characters without their Destruction ability. Now, with all worlds in Universe 7, besides Universe 7 now having a space force to save everyone, is the fact that the saiyans will not be almost extinct anymore, so what would happen with Vegeta, the Prince of about 10 Saiyans? He would probably refuse anything, besides being the strongest one by far and remain on Earth, but with Cabba seeing him as a master, Vegeta would probably be effluent in the new saiyan soc...moreiety. Now, the same way that the Saiyan planet will influence Earth saiyans, the same goes vice-versa. So what if Kale's relationship with Kale is not one of yuri love, but of admiration towards the strongest, which Caulifla is on Universe 6, what if she meets the even stronger people from Universe 7, what if she, for being the opposite of Brolly, turns his hatred against Goku into love or admiration for the same guy. Same for the female god of destruction who thought he was cute, without her powers, she is just the strongest from her universe, could DBS go with the Harem route?
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