Rusty Lake: Roots - Ep 2 | Feeding Wine to Babies??

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  • [ – ] TimBabblehump reply I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that the proposal written in her blood was creepy XD Well done Will on guessing about Albert :p That bookcase puzzle really did get you lol. I accidentally solved it before I found all of the hints so it seemed all the more effortless! I've just finished my playthrough so I'm gonna enjoy watching your confusion over the next few days XD
    • robindies parent reply YES the bookcase puzzle got us so bad hahaha. I felt so dumb when we finally realized what we had to do xD
  • [ – ] FoxyFloofYT reply Feeding wine to a baby? This game is mental! XD
  • [ – ] brotherssugoigaming reply you spoke about salad fingers did you know there is a salad fingers point and click game
    • robindies parent reply Oh my god for real? I'm 100% going to have to look into that. And then probably immediately regret it hahaha.
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