Payback 2017 Wrapup - Slam!

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  • BobbyTheSheep reply The House of Horrors are truly horrific, you know?! Hee hee, as wrestling fans we can suspend belief. But we stop at outright ridiculous, you know? I think I'm so done with Wyatt. WWE doesn't know how to write his character, and now every time I see him repeat the same nonsensical rants, I just want to change channels. I WISH FINN BALOR WAS NOT FEUDING WITH HIM but with Seth Rollins you know?!?!?! But overall, Payback wasn't tooooo bad. Some of the matches were quite exciting. It was just dragged down by the HORRIBLE House of Horrors match. Why is Randy Orton wearing jeans and shirtless? I don't understand, human, I don't understand. And I am a sheep, I understand a lot of things. Anyway, do you have a YouTube? I love your wrestling content. Hope to see your thoughts / predictions on Backlash!! I wonder if Jinder Steroid Human will really win the title. I'll subscribe to both your channels! Good stuff human, I support your content fully!
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