Has France Just Crossed The Rubicon?

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  • hoofed reply RIP France.
  • SlayerDoesThings reply This guy is better than most YouTube creators.. This is why I love VidMe, There's actually good creators
  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply France surrenders , once again.
    • Forestal parent reply Well, China sheltered the Jews during World War II and the Persians during the Islamic Invasion, so French refugees/ asylum seekers will somewhere to go, where their Frenchness is still respected-- I mean, Gerard Depardieu has already left for Russia...
  • ChrisHvide reply Europe is done, man. 100s of years with culture just flushed down the toilet. This is so sad to witness. And it's sad to see so many people not realizing that Trump and Brexit is the best that could happen for american and uk. But no. "Segregation is wrong" and "taking in all sorts of wild jahoodies is a good thing because reasons". We're on such a wrong track as a society.
  • c_arnold03 reply I'm not surprised Macron won. France has a notorious well known history of liberalism that for reasons beyond me they are proud of. If anything, I'm more surprised LePen did as well as she did. If Macron continues with the Hollande/globalist policies, he will only create more misery for the French people to consider when comes around the next election. Relaxing citizenship will mean France will have to borrow immensely to make their welfare programs more appealing to migrants.
  • Forestal reply First! hmm, feels like youtube man.... Tbh, France just couldn't pass up the chance to choose a German woman for president
  • [ – ] Grizz01 reply France crossed the Rubicon back in the 30's when they had a strong enough military to stop Hitler before he got to big. They could have easily and rightfully so, stopped Germany from breaking the Treaty. But they acted exactly the way the are now. It'll be to late before they realize it and someone will have to come a bail them out of the mess. Well, as an American I say, "Let the Ottomen Empire and Germany have them this time.."
  • [ – ] SylvesterSan reply I really want to like your videos but you just make it impossible for me. You claimed Emmanuel Macron said Terrorism ‘Will Be a Fact of Daily Life’. While what he actually said was “This imponderable threat, this threat, will be a fact of daily life in the coming years.” That's a realistic perspective. I can't stand your hate filled and biased videos anymore, I'll unsub.
  • [ – ] winstonsmith1914 reply Joean de Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte were they really from France???
  • producermillian reply Was hoping to visit there one day after they cleaned it up. Giving up on that dream.
  • [ – ] Luciful_Mephisto reply Wtf is wrong with you Comp? Why are you discriminating against cancer? Also, first.
  • Unhipalmond360 reply It is too late for France and Germany. I am just going to sit back and enjoy watching the train wreck.
  • PirateMonkE reply Outside of a few countries like Poland and Iceland, Europe is done. There are still some countries that can turn this shit around, hopefully they do before it's too late.
  • cheyenneseller81 reply France's vote was rigged, just like it is done in the United States. As an American, I will NEVER accept what has happened in France.
  • Mondmann reply LOL triggered righties. Bet you thought Le Benis was going to win eh :^)? If anyone is confused as to why she lost, check out my vid on it. It is really simple lmao
  • KevinXY1989 reply They rigged the votes.
  • bierhops reply It will take The UK with The US, Canada and Australia helping to clean up Europe again. This time The UK should be left in charge of Europe an ensure this shit NEVER happens again. As in kill the fuckers who dare embrace communism in any shape or form.
  • ToughFly reply It's not that far fetched. California has programs set up to get the votes of illegals counted to bolster liberal numbers.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Parts voted 95% for macron when part of the city is already unrecognizable smfdh
  • MasterOfTheMiniverse reply If France didn't help divide up the Middle East, with the Sykes Picot Agreement, it probably wouldn't have an influx of refugees and a terrorism problem that it has now. France, England and the US have spent a good century robbing the Middle East blind and overthrowing their democratically elected leaders, while backing sellout despots. If you smash A wasps nest, chances are you're going to get stung and the wasps will just find somewhere else to build. This behaviour has less to do with Islam and more to do with nature. It shouldn't have been any kind of surprise about what was going to happen.
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