How Not to brony 38 (this was false flagged)

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  • emmens reply kind of amazing how Peet refuses to accept any of these videos as criticism of her character, and just continues to write you off as a no-life prick. the fact that she can't fathom the prospect of that if a bunch of people all say the same thing abotu the same person, maybe there's merit to it or some shit is even more astounding. I'm getting deja vu from the fucking Anime Christy stuff now because of all this. Fuck.
  • Seawolf25 reply so @ForNoGoodReason is the Angry tony stark of bronies? okay.
  • BronyTime reply This is unfortunately why i keep completely out of the anylist community. In such a cynical and opinionated profession the door is wide open for self centered jerks and drama i am not going to deal with. Not knocking on all anylists they should continue to post what they wanna post and i am not saying all anylists are dicks.
  • [ – ] Paolotsname reply I actually always wondered why people would continue to work for kp if she was that much insufferable, kinda sad you responded with a comparision to lily
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