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  • Guilty44 reply Is anybody really surprised anymore that the far left is insane Under the ideas of "tolerance" the eu is allowing child brides to stay married, when they enter the eu https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/614083/Fatema-Alkasem-Child-Refugee-Brides-Netherlands-Paedophilia-EU-European-Union
  • blazedu reply I will never tolerate any of this. Not in school, not in the workplace, nowhere. The law still protects my right to say no (boy, do i sound like i'm talking about being raped) to your bullshit and i will not enter your bigoted racist cult.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Is it the real Left? I've seen stickers around the Elephant & Castle area (S.E. London, UK) demanding sex between adults and children to be made legal. This was 15 years back. Perverts? Yes. Where is the real Left? Or are we supposed to accept perversions as norm now? If it is the Left we are in trouble. All media is Left!
  • 3oddbits reply Setting up the kids to commit suicide after a short and miserable life. What parent wouldn't want that? The American Political Left is baffled why parents are sending the kids to a charter school, instead of a public school.
  • CATBOT99 reply It is like the creationists of old, both of their are not based in empirical evidence, but rather myths. No one should be forced to see one things one way, but shouldn't do the same to others.
  • Rontimus reply This is a crisis of Nihilism. Under the pretence of “compassion”, leftists are trying to kill off the human race. Tranny ideology is pure revenge against childhood trauma, taken all the way to desire for total death.
  • DiscoProJoe reply I've always thought that these hormone drugs (and puberty-blocker drugs) are extremely unhealthy, and it's ***very interesting*** to know from this video that 85 percent of kids & teens with gender-identity issues who *don't* receive these drugs...tend to naturally come to accept their biological sex by the time they're 18! There's nothing wrong with being a normal-looking, normal-sounding guy with feminine inner qualities; or a normal-looking, normal-sounding gal with masculine inner qualities. And this is true whether one is gay or straight. Stay healthy, and stay away from these terrible drugs, which Big Pharma probably just loves. And speaking of Alice in Wonderland, I think a woman (not a man) who dresses up as Alice looks incredibly sexy,...like a big, strong, powerful *giantess* who can protect me well and guide me with love. Beautiful! :-D
  • BigDogBiteHard reply Discuss with other parents in this Weimaresque world that the other parents will dob you in and your contact becomes Winterval cards posted to prison from Suzanne your 4 year old boy.
  • Sharpwing reply I've talked to LGBTs before. Most of the ones I know hate these people. They say that all they wanted was for people not to teach their kids to hate them. These people have taken LGBT from being a social class often mistreated by phobics to a legion of apathetic, perverted, sociopaths. All my friends wanted was to be together and be left alone, all I wanted was for them to be happy. As always, moral busy bodies fucked both of us.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply I give America 2-3 years until a second civil war will wipe the liberal shit from the face of the planet. Europe will follow. Deus Vult!
  • DryDrowner reply This is mental. My kids will not partake in this shit.
  • TheLionOfFlanders reply The church (of England) hasn't been conservative since the sixties. But it's not surprising that some protestant sect caves much faster and much worse to the demands of the world since its very creation is in the world. (Namely Henry not being able to keep it in his pants.) Rome might be in chaos, but it will survive. Protestants on the other hand won't see the end of the century.
  • JFQ_Channel reply The parents need to object and protect their kids. They are the gatekeepers. WTF am I supposed to do about this? Why are parents these days cool with this shit?
  • shawnlynn reply Marcus Aurelius was right. Idk why but I thought of him as I watched lol. It makes me more grateful than ever for my dad. I went to public school but he taught me that learning and education didn't stop just because I wasn't in a classroom and he encouraged my love of reading.
  • ChazDragoon reply the only "upside" to the world falling over this cliff is that nature will take it's course, as it always does, in the end: The strong will live. (everyone against this trash) The weak will die. (the people pushing this on the world) Though it's likely to not happen in our lifetimes.. =/
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I wish this was a surprise.
  • HandsomeMGTOW reply The far left is COMPLETELY INSANE!!! They took an act of bonding and has turned it into insane, narcissistic, crazyness. https://blogs.psychcentral.com/narcissism/2016/08/sex-the-narcissist-sadism-pt-1/ https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/dan-gainor/2017/10/19/alt-left-insanity-alleged-news-organization-celebrates-orgy-sex
  • Joe_Somebody reply I wouldn't trust any of the same people in education who only 10 years ago wanted to prescribe anti-depressants and Riddilin for every imaginable cause, real or imagined. Educators should have no say in a child's medical state, they are not qualified to make that assessment nor do they have the right. If you push this kinda crap all you get is lots of broken children.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Alex Jones did a video on this about a week ago. Guys had foil around their junk and were taking pictures with 5 year olds. How f***ing disgusting smfdh
  • KimHanson reply "Boys should be free to choose..." This of course implies that they previously weren't free to choose, a load of horse puckey all by itself.
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