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  • AstralBoo2You reply Who among us hasn’t been the source of verbal and psychological attacks and lies from the minds of those who are dwelling in a place and space that appears to have no life-line? The energy of hate and resentment can manifest and be expressed in many ways… However, I have learned along my sojourns that the most universal reasons for ‘hate’ is rooted in ‘great fear’ or intense insecurity. Unbeknownst to most who harbor such energy streams – they are truly damning themselves… For as long as said individuals remain in such a state – they will inevitably project delusional and unsavory thought projections onto others who in many instances will be targets and symbols of scapegoat-ing and blame. Every-time we give energy, time and focus on such wave and thought-forms – we are essentially giving them power and reducing our OWN; here is why I refuse to give my power and attention to those who project irrational ill-will and ill-intentions in my name and towards me and mine. ...more In the spirit of a strong resolution and a voice for so many who are targets of unrequited and unfair hate, envy, persecution and resentment… KEEP your attention and ‘mind-function’ on ALL that inspires and motivate you to continuing reaching for the GREATNESS you were created to ultimately BE… Allow the spirit and energy of ‘hate’ to remain beneath your feet J
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