NEWSFLASH: They're Just Movies, Bro.

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  • Lbphero reply While I do feel as if people shouldn't get so serious about movies online, I also feel that people use the "they're just movies" excuse to stop ANY debate at all about the movie and I'm not sure if I tuned out, but I didn't hear that in this video, and I really would like to hear your thoughts about that
  • Lielikesmusic1 reply Love your humor 😂 Also i love the sensible content. There are a lot of dilitants and not-so-open-minded people out there. Thanks for your insight man.
  • marlarhouse reply GREAT personality and sense of humor! You just earned a follower!
  • WTP-OIDA reply As much as I agree with you about this, people are so mentally deficient that they will never truly understand.
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