PROMO! Grace & Steel Ep. 72 - How the World Really Works

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  • 2kevins reply I guess I have to round up 50 followers to make the application for verification. So I'm putting out the call; follow me so we can get verified and post the podcast on this platform.
  • 2kevins reply Hi, ikki6567. It was my intention to start using Vidme but they gave me a bunch of guff when I tried to get verified--which is necessary to post longer video (audio)--about having to wait until I "interacted with the community" some more blah blah. I mean, I wanted to post some content, not play around, and they wanted me to fart around. So I looked around a bit, couldn't find anything worth watching, and I just gave up. I see Vox Day had a similar experience, but then he updated, indicating that Vidme had seen the light and he was using them. I'll look into it again after I get this next podcast up later today. Thanks for you support.
  • ikki6567 reply KMG and KS: one of your Patreon supporters here. FYI, I have deleted my Google account today; would appreciate you considering Videme as a place for uploads. Keep up the good work in Canuckistan!
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