Wednesday Weekly World News - 19th April 2017

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply In my opinion, a cashless society will take away our rights on when, how, and what to spend our money on. The Banks are taking over the world, seriously.
    • geordieprepper parent reply Absolutely, which is why it's important for us to fight this fiat currency ponzy scheme in all ways we can. Diversifying our wealth and fighting their system from within by using more cash. Everyone can make a difference. The more that start using more the cash the less likely generations after us will suffer this tyranny.
  • [ – ] Lawborn reply Here's something odd about those Berkeley cops - The police in Dakota did not have a problem spraying the Dakota Water Protestors with pepper spray. They even showed up in force there. But, Berkeley police stayed in their cars? Mighty odd.
    • [ – ] Lawborn parent reply Also, the police in Ferguson MO did not have a problem moving in armored cars and launching tear gas canisters at the protestors during the riots there. So, there is something definitely wrong going on with the situation in Berkeley.
      • geordieprepper parent reply Wonder how they'd behave if there a pipeline scheduled to go through Berkeley though :-) Big business and the dollar fuels a lot of aggressive action from the Police.
    • geordieprepper parent reply Yeah, odd indeed. But any public servant not conducting in their duties should themselves be arrested for misconduct in a public office.
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