Wait, this isnt Smash Bros- Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal

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  • [ – ] RetroSegaWondershow reply The beginning of the game sounds like and looks quite a bit like Brawlhalla.
  • [ – ] MegaRetroMan reply Personally I thought this game was god flippin awful!
    • [ – ] Benchez parent reply its true its not great and it was made simply as cash grab, but after playing it, there are some fun things in it. personally I can see why they haven't made a sequel
      • MegaRetroMan parent reply Agreed. Like the only thing that was worth watching was Heihachi's Level 3 Rocket Ultimate and everyone's reactions being chained up to it. Otherwise, crazy unbalanced.
  • n0dy88 reply do they have e-sports for this game? or... like the SMash bros tourney?
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