Sofa Stories - 500 Follower Special Q&A

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  • [ – ] RubenLeija reply Maria congrats! Them animators are taking over @vidme!
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply Ron Weasley huh xD???? Great questions from everyone and great answers too! I think the cheese dance in itself was worth the video. Lookin forward to the Sofa Stories!
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply Hahaha the cheese dance is a holy ritual I cannot say no to cheese!! Cheese is bae! Hahah Ron is like me as a guy kinda lol 😂 Yay thank you!!!
  • [ – ] Ablazewithlight reply My first video on Vidme
  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply BTW don't be shy you have a great personality i have witnesses it firsthand, and it was awesome, I enjoyed it! I have a question, its a little out there but would you move to the US???
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply Awww thank you Soo much again this is Soo lovely to hear! To your question!! Well I would definitely fancy me a bit of Californian sun but then your gun laws do really kinda worry me not gonna lie hahaha
  • [ – ] LegendGary323 reply Congrats!!!!!! Continue to push on with the content and growth here on Vidme. Its was a pleasure to be able to be on a podcast with you even though it was a @DookisWatching podcast! You have all the support from the @Vidme Goons @ShakeOfMilk @ChaoticGaming @DookisWatching @LegendGary323 we all luh you long tymeee! continue the great content!
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply Thank you sooo much!!! Such lovely words!!! Literally made my Monday morning when I read this!!! Thank you it was my pleasure being your guest and talking to you cool bunch!! The love is felt and goes straight back to you guys!!! Thank you!!! I will try my hardest! 🤗🤗
  • [ – ] AJPatz reply The truth is out. I am a girl. Congrats on 500 truly deserved.
  • [ – ] devozpaz reply ayy Thor it is!! Junosaur! oh man I remember, he is really good I need to check out his vids again. Chryus FTW and AJ sex reveal has happened. The face reveal awaits.
  • [ – ] xGlitterPants85 reply 27 questions and you answered them all beautifully. Thank you for being an awesome person and having a good heart. Never making things about yourself but always for others. We'll soon be sayin congrats on the 1k, I still remember when you were cracking 100 follows, and here you are almost at 600. It's been quite the journey ❤️. Thank you for answering my questions mama, you're an angel
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply You my lady are something different!! You are always such an angel to me!!! Thank you Soo much!!! It means the world!! I also still remember 100 followers and I won't forget that :) it has been a journey and I'm glad you've been with me!!! Thank you for asking!! ❤
  • [ – ] LVLWON reply Thor you say? Then I'll name my pc Twig because it's so weak :P. Great video btw.
  • [ – ] Bush_Bird reply i am new here so hello ! i just wanted to tell you that u have nice tattoo and keep up with the great vids !! :)
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply I'M FLATTERED :3 Maria wants to meet me IRL. You jelly people? Hope to meet you too Maria, and to meet the other creators too. Congrats on 500 followers! more like 600 followers that you will reach in no time
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply Haha aww well I think you have wicked energy but there's loads of our friends I'd love to meet!! Maybe one day there'll be a big vidme meet up!!! Thank you Soo much means a lot 🙌🏼😌🙌🏼
  • [ – ] beigeboy reply interesting microphone on ur setup, same one as AJ, lol not sure if i sent u a Q for this, no matter maybe next time
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply It is the same as AJ's!! Serves me well though!! :) set up isn't the greatest but hey it works hahaha don't worry you can ask me a question anytime :)
      • [ – ] beigeboy parent reply was just a little joke enplying u and AJ are living together as u both just moved, and same mic, no need to answer none of my business, btw super happy for you, QnA was done really well, i think ur setup is good,
  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply Congrats on 500 followers Maria you've definitely earned it.
  • [ – ] IAmCKtv reply This is such a cool idea for you! Had to watch this episode first before seeing the new one! Glad you got to put those FunkoPops to good use haha it's an awesome setup really thou! Sorry I wasn't able to get a question in =/
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply haha don't worry about no question!! :) I know they had to have a special place because they are epic!!! :) Glad you like the idea! :)
      • [ – ] IAmCKtv parent reply ALSO (as we've talked about before) "That's What I Like" is my JAM too!!! KILLED that singing too I SEE YOU!! hahaha
      • [ – ] IAmCKtv parent reply maaaaaaaan I'm only halfway thru...but you almost made a brotha cry...I'm really happy I inspire you and appreciate that! You know you always got my support and i love that you truly have FUN with your videos while growing in the process!
  • [ – ] DarkStarMedia reply Mariaaaaa! Congrats to you for doing so well on Vidme, I'm so proud of you!
  • [ – ] GamerRaf reply If you could visit a fictional planet, which one would it be?
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply Soo I've been reading this awesome book "Ready Player One" and they've created like a virtual universe and in this universe are epic planets that either recreate a specific (mainly 80's) movie or they are replicas of old school arcades!!! So one of those I'd love to visit. And I think I'd love to visit either Endor or Naboo from the Star Wars universe!! Because nature 😍Haha and Ewoks
      • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply That book sounds pretty interesting. I might have to check it out. Yes, Naboo and Endor are a must! They look beautiful. And Ewoks are like huge teddy bears lol Thankfully we can kinda visit them here on earth since they were shot here. Endor in San Francisco, CA and Naboo I believe was in Italy. It's no exactly the same but is something!
        • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply I am obsessed with the book it's essentially people hunting for an Easter egg that's built into this massive virtual reality platform. It's a really cool book! :)) yes you are so right I didn't know that was San Francisco!!! Definitely have to go I think you're right about naboo being Italy as well! Italy is one of the most beautiful places on earth! I wish giant teddy bears you could cuddle were a thing!! 😍
          • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply I'll check out the book soon. My bad lol XD it was in Del Norte County, CA (a little bit north of San Francisco) they shot Endor in the Redwood National Park. OMG, I'm dying to go to Italy. It looks incredible. There are a lot of cities that I want to visit there. LOL!!
            • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply One day I will visit that park!!! One day!! Listen Italy is a dream! I've been lucky enough to visit Rome, Florence and Pisa and I have to say Rome is one of my favourite cities I've visited!! Just pure love for it!!! :) need to visit Venice still for sure haha :)
              • GamerRaf parent reply Very nice! You do hahaha The places that I'm dying to visit are Venice, Rome, Pompeii and Florence. And not too far from that Greece. I just need to visit these before I die.
  • [ – ] Noxiddar reply Congratulations! You are definitely full of energy. I'm new to the community but I look forward to diving into your backlog and catching up on what I missed! People here are so nice, and it's awesome to be part of a real community!
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply Thank you Soo much and welcome to the wonderful place of vidme!! Yess everyone has been nothing but lovely to me and it is an actual community where people support each other!! :) hope you enjoy your time here :)
  • [ – ] Lawborn reply Not much point in trying to be successful on youtube anyway.
  • [ – ] KotaTail reply How did she literally get 100 more followers in 3 days? Tell me your secrets 😂😂
  • [ – ] regularassaveragedude reply Haha do the helicopter.... Haha
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