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  • I3UTM reply Bad acting and singing does not make a motivation for what they seek. Maybe their beauty but imagine hearing these women speak at all in the relationship. ^.^
  • isaneinthemembrane reply All women are spent once past 30, lower if you want children. Men have a choice of when to start a family as men don't come with a time limit.
  • isaneinthemembrane reply GoMGTOW your channel will only grow as this community has woken up. Hopefully the woken will wake up the sleeping to the "HORRORS" know as "the modern women" and what's she's become. No amount of shame or finger pointing will ever change my opinion, not until it is a equalitarian society, as women have gone way to far. Manspreading is their newest "victory" in the BALLESS women and cuckhold halls of feminism. Fining a man because he doesn't want his BALLS crushed? You fucking evil cunts. You FAT ugly bitches, if lost just half your FAT then maybe there would be room. FUCK OFF as I can see me "Mansplainig" any fucker who tries and makes me crush my own BALLS (testicles you fucking cucks). Womenspreading is women who push their fat over bloated tits or arse in my way and if you don't strap them in and out of the way then maybe we should fine you? CUNTS.
  • [ – ] yourvagismysafespace reply You are deliberately glossing over where they say that they have their own car, own house, & money in the bank. They are emphasizing that they refuse to be with a "man" who cannot even support himself. Meanwhile, we all know that a decent looking guy in good shape will be able to bang any of them, regardless of how broke him might be. Any man with a decent line of bullshit will never have to go to bed alone, while the well off but socially awkward males are destined to die alone, unless they're willing to have a female marry them for financial stability alone, & those wives will be busy banging alphas. OPP, Other People's Pussy, the perfect set up. You have them for the fun only, & the loser husband has to not only support them but listen to their bullshit too. Go betas! Keep trying to turn whores into house wives, some of us just love using your Mrs. as cum dumpsters.
    • GoMGTOW parent reply You miss the point that I am using this video to point out a Woman's FSQ. One lyric states that "If your a guy who drives a BMW" your still not rich or wealthy enough to afford any of these high priced whores. So even if you have a job, a car, or a place of your own, or a modest bank account, these Women are stating that your not rich enough for them. The thing is this... People fall on hard times all the time. At any given time you can lose your job, your car, your house, and your bank account. No matter how well off you think you are, you can become destitute and homeless overnight, I've seen it happen. And if you marry one of these whores, she will jump the relationshit right back onto the cock carousel.... It's just their nature. A nature I advise against investing in.
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