Daily Monster X-046

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  • [ – ] Dankmus reply Man, thats soothing to watch. I'd say in terms of your question the monster is already so interesting to look at (even with the butt intact) that I'm already drawn into it. (pun.) As a dank man I enjoy butts so to see another dimension to the butt is pleasing to me. Stay dank man! Subbed -
    • StefanBucher parent reply Thank you very much, Dankmus! I'm happy to be of assistance. :^D And thank you so much for the tip! I really appreciate it!
  • [ – ] timewave reply Ha, good question! You know, i always wondered what kind of ¨bad¨ drawings Leonardo Da Vinci throw away... That drawings i would REALLY like to see! Like on example, a poos of extincted species are more precious than their skeletons, because they are hard to find and tell more about their behaviour and environment..:P So yeah, please post more "bad" drawings and tell us why you dont like them!:) & thank YoOo for this DoOodle, it's super double mega awesome funnyyyy!!!11!11!\o/
    • StefanBucher parent reply If I didn't already have a user name, I think "dinosaur_poo" would be a strong contender. :^D Thank you for the excellent perspective and the kind words!
  • [ – ] SimonTinning reply YES, not good enough, I destroy. Anti Picasso. ''Quantity out of quality
  • [ – ] SimonTinning reply Very skilled. I do portrait painting and destroy again and again!
  • [ – ] Leonj reply how long did it take you to learn how to draw like this?
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