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How to Get Your Shit Together - Taking Responsibility for Your Own Life [Rant] #Adulthood

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August 8 2017

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Get your shit together! Getting your shit together starts with the realization that nobody else is going to do it for you. Not your neighbours, not your friends and not even your parents. Don't put your hope on gods, the state or some mystical power of the universe - they have other problems to worry about. Nobody else is going to save you. Nobody else can make your choices for you - but you. So start making good ones. Every adult is responsible for their own choices in life. Being capable of admitting their own mistakes is what separates adults from children. Age is no guarantee of adulthood. Some people want to be brats their whole lives and never grow up. Admitting your own mistakes, instead of blaming others, is taking responsibility of your own life. Own your choices, whether good or bad. After dwelling on your mistakes for a while – forgive yourself. After learning the lesson there is no longer any use on feeling bad about the past. The skill of forgiving yourself and others is a great stress management tool. But it takes a little wisdom to know when to apply it. Only forgive when doing so benefits you. Self awareness is another great tool that helps at getting the shits in close proximity of each other. Whenever we face the challenge of doing something hard – the mind tends to come up with a variety of excuses on why we cannot do the hard thing. Fooling others might sometimes be in your best interest, but fooling yourself never is. Dont fool yourself. Be aware of why you are thinking the way you think, are you just making excuses? People often postpone getting their shit together because the pain of action is greater than the pain of inaction. This is very short-sighted, dont be that guy. Start making good choices today, not when you are half a million in debt and homeless. It's too late to better yourself when you are dead. Living only in the current moment is foolish as it blocks one from planning for the future. I believe it is wise to liv…

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