Fidget Spinners for 10 hours

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  • ThatsEon reply 20GB's of glory
  • nodetact reply Oh @JennyFedora... you benevolent sliver of iridescent passions~<3 Though I more than can't find myself joking about the 20GB upload limit for verified Vidizens, and hardly at all for if the 50GB bandwidth limit is a real thing to this day. Like Project Tether's intended to someday be nine movie episodes essentially contain more than one reason for BitChute to host them, not limited to free speech waiving its deep controversial contents as well as bit and web torrents garnering for the audience to chew away popcorn and sip soda, etc.. From between either the shits 'n giggles comedian and the strictly professional hard worker, it helps to really just do what you feel best.
  • Feminismisgay reply Finally. I've been waiting for someone to make a video like this
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