Top 5 Sega Games That Need A Sequel!

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  • [ – ] tageneislover reply I don't think that the Nights game on the Wii is bad. And I don't see a reason to buy it and then return it. For me, it was quite a proper sequel, although a new one on the Switch wouldn't be such a bad idea. Anyway, I mostly want to see Streets of Rage, Alex Kidd and Wonderboy back. Right now, we're in a new era for Wonderboy. There was a negatively criticised remake of some kind on Steam, but there was also a good looking fan game on Steam in Portoguese (I think). Plus, Sega released a remake to Dragon's trap a few months ago. Something weird is that Sega isn't letting the company that's making "Monsterboy and the Cursed Kingdom" use the name "Wonderboy" for the character. If they atleast helped a little bit with the development of that one, that would be kind of cool. Wonderboy was supported a lot by fans recently and even Sega, so why not a 3D Wonderboy game?
    • [ – ] StuffWePlay parent reply To each their own! I just couldn't get into NiGHTs for the Wii. More Wonderboy would be great! The only reason I didn't include it on this list was because of the recent release and critical success of the Dragon's Trap remake.
      • [ – ] tageneislover parent reply Oh I see! Wonderboy is probably my second favorite Sega franchise honestly. I wish Sega will support it even more.
        • StuffWePlay parent reply Same here. I think the success of Dragon's Trap and the phenomenon that is Sonic Mania should send a clear message to them that people want to play their old series!
  • [ – ] GeniusBug reply There was a remake from the first phantasy star for the ps2.
  • [ – ] skullytmcgra reply Now I'm not the only one that want a streets of rage game.
  • StuffWePlay reply Join us on Discord!
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