Feminism and "Getting Offended"

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  • Minister_Peaceful_Poet reply Finally got it uploaded, here it is: https://vid.me/Ibhf
  • Minister_Peaceful_Poet reply When someone offends me in a comment, I just delete it. I have found that people will comment on the comment and it just grows, so if you delete it, it usually ends, they go away, nobody likes to be deleted. Anyways, you're on Vidme, me too, I just moved here recently. Youtube sucks, after I get all my stuff moved over, I'll probably close it. I miss the 70s, I wish we could go back there. We seem to be going backwards. People hate people for no reason. You're not supposed to hate people unless they actually did something to you to hate them. You don't hate people just because they believe differently then you do. I don't know if you remember me or not. But I'm the person who believes that MRA's and Feminists should be friends in the fight for human rights. Anyways, I just moved over a video that you might be interested in, you might like it, maybe not. I bought a new camera since then. https://vid.me/33WZ or not, might be broken, might have to contact vidme - here is t...morehe youtube version https://youtu.be/BY13wp1GZm4 I need to make a new video, yesterday was my birthday, I am now 58 years old, been around a bit.
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