The Five Moral Panics and Paradigms, Their Length, and their Overlap with Technology

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  • [ – ] TheTrue reply Satanic Panic sounds like an amazing metal band ironically.
  • Phobos_Media reply I gave you the click and the like on YouTube, but to make a point I've then been actually WATCHING these videos here on
  • [ – ] TheCommonNephil reply Let's make America Metal Again
  • [ – ] GregorWayne reply The satanic panic doesn't seem like it's substantial enough to qualify as a moral panic, as you've defined it. Certainly, it died partially due to the introduction of the internet, but was there a centralized push from media and the government to pontificate on the subject? I don't think so: whenever a major incident accord during the time period (say, the Timothy Mcveigh terrorist bombing), panic over the rise of 'white supremacists' drowned out the cries about Satanism in all but a few states in the bible belt. Were average citizens coerced to condemn Satanists through violence or become a part of a fringe, violent cult? The case for 9/11 being a moral panic seems more solid. Actual federal law emerged, and citizens were forced into a false dichotomy. Still, I love these kinds of abstractions and systems in history. Yours might have some validity to it.
    • Space_Gorilla parent reply Styx is biased towards the Satanic Panic as it's more personal to him. It's not big enough to be considered a moral panic not on the same level with slavery and the red scare. Certainly a popular media use during the 1990s.
  • winter__leaf reply I remember the satanic panic and the post-911 reaction pretty well. The mid to late 90s were pretty stable if not a media circus (oj simpson every day, clinton sex scandal every day).
  • ironrope reply seriously great topic and great presentation styx. history is the key to understanding the future.
  • ClassicalLiberal reply European concerns about islamism and illegal immigration aren't an unfounded 'moral panic' though. When Germans are less safe bc increasing numbers of violent attacks, when terrorists drive into crowds and suicide bomb events, when UK sharia courts oppress women, it's not 'moral panic' to be concerned.
  • phainesthai reply You are so chill about this Styx - would love to hear you talk about your mindset - mine needs work!
  • MGTOWLIFE reply This would all be fine if there weren't millions of hostile aliens being imported into the West
  • DickDitty reply I was supposed to panic at that goth stuff? Why don't you guys tell me these thing? 😞
  • Edalwulf_Bergmann reply could you please send me a link to something that proves that Lincoln wanted to send the blacks back to Afrika?
  • FubuckYoubu reply More optimism. Thanks again.
  • Cyriu reply No wonder I miss the 90's. Aside from some scandals, it was a overall less tense period.
  • rk4n3 reply How would you say the "communications transition" of desktop-computers-to-mobile-devices fits in ? That seems to be distinct from the more general availability of internet - or am I off-base on that ?
  • StolenMoment reply Have you ever tried to goose step for more than a couple of yards? It's hard. Could be an Olympic event. DPRK would take the gold, nobody else does it much.
  • HenrikG reply Just by your looks, I always assumed that you where a (black) metalhead, but that doesn't seem to be correct. Make a video about what music you like. Dimmu Borgir?
  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply Styx gratifies me.
  • Cynical-Bastard reply No booklet? Damn. This could make a good tract. LOL The vidya, the vidya overload!
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