The one video you need to convince others of the danger of Islam.

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  • [ – ] Camer0nm93 reply Oh hey do you have the link i was thinking of using this video in a culture study assignment if thats ok Chris?
  • [ – ] Camer0nm93 reply I think the video you have shown adress's the fundamental problem of Islam, the majority holds this kind of fundamentalist perspective and everyone out need to start understanding this problem.
    • [ – ] ThoughtfulChrysalis parent reply It's the best video I have found. It's especially convincing because it is from their own mouths. I didn't really have to say anything but I pointed it out for those that didn't form that extrapolation themselves.
      • Camer0nm93 parent reply Its an incredible experience to see them just confessing their true views in such an open way man, i was up all last night writing a paper on the culture war, i was drawing on Samuel Huntingtons clash of civilizations, he had explained that this conflict was coming, from a long time ago.
  • [ – ] Camer0nm93 reply Hey man i ment to say this last time i commented on your videos, your sound or something is playing up i dont know what could be causing that, but i think it will help you reach a bigger crowd if they didn't have to hear the static or whatever it is 😅😇
    • [ – ] ThoughtfulChrysalis parent reply Oh my dude I know it's terrible, it also makes this sound every time I move my head. My other mic which was garbage died, it was less garbage than this one. This is my backup. Almost had enough to get the mic I want from YouTube revenue then they demonetized most of my vids. Brought me here though, going to take a bit of time to get verified again so I can make any further investment self-sustaining.
      • Camer0nm93 parent reply Oh well man time will solve this problem your on the right track with your content, and just start a piggy bank or something like that i managed to save 84 dollars from my spare change, and if you have some form of revenue from Vidme im sure you will come through with this.
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