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  • The_Lamb reply Suit, you have a PERFECT law suit on your hands here. Get in touch with Gary Orsum and a lawyer and sue the Government for advocating "violence towards men". You will be very, very rich. Just a thought ;) Cheers.
  • [ – ] 3oddbits reply This has nothing to do with equality .... The issue is "female privilege". ( AKA Gynocentrism ) They are not earning those positions / jobs. But they want the pay and status of those jobs given to them "just because". The companies that hire to make quotas, have sponsored this. A standard practice is to hire an unqualified woman and then force a qualified man to perform BOTH his and her jobs. This is why so many "working" woman have the time for "feminism / political activism". They have nothing better to do on the clock.
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Call me stupid but how does clocking out early close " the pay gap " ?
  • VoltaicFire reply I know it sucks to have to debunk this nonsense AGAIN but if there's no counter narrative then they will continue and you know what happens if people are told a lie over and over again.
  • Edgewood reply That song...eeuuugggh. Also, good Lord, it's getting bad there.
  • cccccccccccoccc reply Part of the earnings gap is explained by women working fewer hours. These people are assuming an 8 hour working day, where 84% means 403 minutes. I have data for the UK but Australia is probably similar. Here, men average 39.8 hours per week (basically 8 hours per day) but women work 34.6 hours per week. That's 415.2 minutes per day! These idiots are leaving only 12 minutes earlier than usual!
  • rxantos reply Divide and conquer suit, divide and conquer. If you make the men and women enemies governments and globalist benefit. As it eliminates the family and gives power to both government and corporations. So we get increasingly shittier conditions as a result.
  • rxantos reply If companies started to do that, I bet productivity would increase as only people that do actual work would stay.
  • Platypus67 reply Yeah! Cause it isn't already the case women - unlike men - have the possibility to live a wealth life WITHOUT EVER WORKING even a single hour in life - cause they're beautiful and have a stupid white cis make providing said life to them. I won't even talk about this wage-gap crap anymore...
  • shanedk reply Women already ARE working less. They're just going home at 5:00 while their male counterparts are working overtime until 7:08.
  • ironrope reply western women are going to bring the downfall of the western world. women are easiest to manipulate - they are designed to be socially maluable. "gender pay gap" is absolutely a shining example of how sick people can become if they are given the same lie over and over and over again... sorry you have to continue to debunk this garbage. sometimes sharia might be the best option - this weird part of me wishes for these women to be raped and murdered into dust if they desire it so much...
  • CattyDog reply So start paying them for 3hrs less work per day...women take of for pregnancy/birth AND they require medical attention...find me a guy who needs that crap,,,guys WORK though this stuff...This crap is doing my head in.
  • SerraAngel reply Look at all the extra time on their hands. Noe they can go get another job. Bitches are crazy.
  • Shimeran reply Isn't part of the earnings gap that men are more likely to put in overtime? It also seems like a death spiral if paid by the hour with equal pay for equal work in play. After all, working less would further depress wages leading to fewer hours by this logic, lowering wages again and so on.
  • skullytmcgra reply They need to make a meme with this video because damn i can see so many things you can do with mixing this video on the myth wage gap. Keep up with the awesome videos suit
  • [ – ] AceAcer2 reply Interesting, as if leaving the job early would solve the "wage gap" without being fired :P Basically anyone who work less will earn less, basic logic. Ho i know it's a feminist advert so i'm wasting my time looking for logic in it. Come to think those cunts receive around 2 billions $/year in the USA and Canada (probably elsewhere as well) for the "good things" they are supposedly doing it makes me sick. Feminists has too much power now. I wonder how much they'd freak out if someone makes an advert showing the sentence gap between men and women for the same crime - this could be epic lol
  • nickd124 reply New to this platform
  • callmemrrook reply Hey woman....get back to work!! The dustbin round hasn't finished yet..your turn to clean out the back...whats That? U don't do that shit? Well that can't be Right?
  • Darksurfer reply So fuck of get fired and leve workforce. Reslut higher wages and more work for people who want to work aka men.
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