Driger Slash .H.F vs Dark Deathscyther .F.J - [Beyblade Burst] - ベイブレードバースト

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  • [ – ] _Stealth_ reply Hey BeybladeGalaxy! One question, do you think you can motivate the other Beytubers to come on Vidme?
    • [ – ] BeybladeGalaxy parent reply I don't know. I'm not using vidme that much, because its really low popularity. :/
      • [ – ] _Stealth_ parent reply Yeah, I noticed that. But tbh I like using Vidme :D but that’s also because many Germans are on Vidme now, because YouTube hates us or something xD And I’m making Beyblade Videos too, but I don’t have so many right now.
        • [ – ] BeybladeGalaxy parent reply I gotta be honest with you, bro. I love Vidme, it has some crazy good features and feels so fresh and easy. But unfortunately, I've been getting like 7 views on my videos, while YouTube gives me 200+ :/
          • [ – ] _Stealth_ parent reply Yeah, that’s kinda sad. The Beyblade Community just doesn’t know Vidme. I’m making my vids only in Vidme right now, let’s see what happens next! And at least you tried Vidme, that’s the most important thing :) And by the way, I have a Brasilian friend, he lived here in Germany for a year to learn german, and he’s really nice :D
            • [ – ] BeybladeGalaxy parent reply That's so cool! Yeah, I'll try uploading more here, even if they're the same content I'm uploading on my YouTube. I really enjoy this platform, I only wish it had more people around.
              • [ – ] _Stealth_ parent reply I think I can get more here... :D But I think just the stuff with Takara Tomy Beys is enough, in my opinion Hasbros beys aren’t so special...
                • [ – ] BeybladeGalaxy parent reply Dude, I honestly really like Hasbros, the plastic they use is much more durable, and the slope system for the locking mechanism is really interesting! I wanna get more, but it's way too expensive here in Brazil. :/
                  • [ – ] _Stealth_ parent reply I still prefer Takara Tomy and really want to avoid buying Hasbros. I personally don’t like the slopes, they feels kinda weird, and I love putting Stickers on Beyblades, because then I have more to do with a single Beyblade, so Takara Tomy is more for me. But I think hasbro is happy you like their Beys xD Here in Germany Hasbros are very expensive, too. They’re 17€ for a single starter pack, and the epic rivals battle set costs 53€ which is way too much money. And I can get, for example, a Killer Deathscyther on Samuraibuyer for just 7€ (without shipping)! Oh man, do you know what’s the worst thing of beytubers is? They always sound so nice and stuff and then you really want to meet and battle them :/ Same with you... .-.
                    • [ – ] BeybladeGalaxy parent reply Haha that's really nice of you. ^_^ Well, my pros about Hasbro Burst Beys are they don't have stickers, I hate putting on stickers, when I just want to battle with my new Beyblade. LOL Also, I love the sloes because it's even more unpredictable than the teeth, although I find the clicks very satisfying.
                      • _Stealth_ parent reply And I love putting stickers on ^^ For me it’s like battling after putting stickers on is the reward ;D
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