CNN anchor tries to get Syrian to trash Trump and support Hillary/open border. She fails big time.

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  • sabr686 reply He dropped the mike on thay cnn twat.
  • TheMarbleMan reply Still opposed to the strikes, but this is a perspective that the media is continually ignoring. For every member of the refugee horde that arrives on Western shores how many are there like this man, who simply wants his own nation to be safe and prosperous?
  • DH1717 reply We have been dropping a bomb every 16 minutes for the last 12 years, so 60 at once is just an active couple of hours.. we've got to put things in perspective...
  • TheACP333 reply Tommy... If you do not start commenting and at least act like you give a fuck about this platform You are going to fail here as well
  • bfbf334 reply Trump took the bate....hook line and sinker.
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