YouTube's Limited State

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  • [ – ] AlexHimawari reply As the Honey Badgers said it, Google is/are the future librarians of the world. Would we be ok with today's librarians restricting your access to books based on your political ideology?
  • Gelbfur reply Google is just mad that the anti-sjw community got Trump elected and they are scared shitless of the anti-pc anti-communist hordes online. So the (((((ADL))))) is coming to YouTube to silence it as "hate speech"
  • ckitchen02 reply Google cant stand behind its own platform, I don't see why we should anymore. They been given second chance after second chance by people like us. Let it shrivel up and die in its own little pathetic echo chamber.
  • [ – ] RedDogDragon reply I for one, have been trying to watch all my favorite Youtubers on as much as possible. Fuck Google.
  • Lord_O_Keks reply Good to see you branching out, good luck to in the future
  • Denkquerer reply Hey, just watched this on youtube and thought i'd give a try.
  • Barbara17 reply You Tube no longer my favorite site. Hate censorship, love freedom. Hello Vidme.
  • [ – ] firaro reply Google may look like an essential service, but it isnt. Every piece, except youtube, can be fully replaced. Android->iphone (or windows phone if you're gay) Gmail->plenty of options, tutanota is what im considering Youtube->vidme Google drive->dropbox>duckduckgo Google hangouts->skype And that distributes the power once held by one giant into several smaller companies so if one fucks up we arent all fucked
  • pdietl reply I also use Google for an uncountable number of services, and I want to like and support their efforts, but they seem to be continuously making that more difficult.
  • MXFLYER reply I always thought you tube was chicken shit.
  • marc34 reply I switched today! Not looking back.
  • SamuelKnytt reply Good vid dude, and thanks for showing me the new platform. Gonna use this app for a bit. It's pretty alright.
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply YouBoob could have done a lot of things. But they'd have to be run by intelligent people instead of the collection of fringe element social freaks that currently fill their ranks.
  • Slaughter223 reply Razor fist did a test on the new algorithm and based on his results he says if is a blacklist program ...any one on the list atomaticly was demonized. ..seems like an easy way to shut down anyone who oposes the views of the Google overlords.
  • Malum reply I believe your end of video optimism is misplaced and is wishful thinking, AS. Youtube is past the point where the dumpster fire can be put out. The only thing that is going to force Youtube to change is a major competitor absorbing a sizable chunk of their viewership. In short, until Vidme grows large enough to give Youtube a black eye in the wallet, this is going to keep getting worse.
  • ssparkey reply chefffffff
  • ShaneTaylor reply Remember when all speech was free speech. Even the kkk was allowed to assemble and be on jerry springer and shit. I don't agree with the kkk but it's still free speech.
  • s_mac_t reply Great video
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Flagging this pisses me off lol
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