VLOG 66 Dance season started, shopping clothes

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  • JustABloke reply Bah, take a walk on the wild side, go Slytherin!!!! When people talk about how much petrol costs, they forget the car maintenance costs which should be included, you get to find out the real cost of owning a car. For me cycling is brilliant, I'm not saying cycle all the time, but only cycle when you are up to it. Driving part way and cycling the rest, depending on weather conditions, how you feeling on that particular day etc, still saves you money. I do this a lot, and if I'm not in the mood, drive all the way, no biggie. 48kgs, wow. good for you, stunning poses :-) I struggle just to keep it down to 95kgs haha, and well, over winter that goal goes right out the window.
  • JannaJonna reply Uu slytherin! Cool to find people with that house too 😎 Owning a car is expensive and the kickbike/train thing is my way of trying to save money. I am not into riding a bike, never have been my thing 😛 But trying to make this a semi-permanent habit, I get some excercise too. I am a tiny person so the scale shows less. I wouldn't mind adding 10-20 kilos more if I got 15-30 cm more height 😂 would be happy when didn't need to climb to get something from top shelves.
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