English Vocabulary Builder Lesson #1 Kitchens With DouglasESL

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  • billmarion reply It's so easy to get lazy and fall into one's regional dialect. I do it all the time on my videos and I know it hurts me with some potential subscribers.
  • TheAttempters reply So helpful
  • SecInc reply It is amazing that this would be a subject forgotten to be taught. Good one. Indeed :)
  • DrMorq reply If I am ever fortunate to be able to travel to another country, I hope I can find a person like you who has command of that country's language and is willing to share their knowledge. Thank you for helping others.
  • DouglasESL reply Faucet was incorrectly spelled in the video. I did not catch it.. Faucet Faucet Faucet Faucet..... Besides that please enjoy the video!!!
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