Politically Correct Insanity Is Dumb And Dumber

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  • warchild1984 reply Islam Is Insanity https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_2017 2017 Terrorist Attacks By muslims. https://youtu.be/pogGsTU_VRI muslim "Migrants" Raping Swedish Women At Music Festivals. https://youtu.be/_ZiJehMXBpQ islam Is NOT A Religion Of Peace. https://youtu.be/0_f1j-DsmhI The Diversity Deception. https://youtu.be/FHE7Svdi_h4 muslim Sex Crimes Out Of Control In Europe As Merkel Cheers The Rapists On. https://youtu.be/1opQlSRyni8 Arabs Still Give Their Children Black Slaves As Gifts. https://youtu.be/fL_KwcetoyE Jihadis Returning To Europe. https://youtu.be/uG-ZOFNKppw muslim Molests Baby In Stroller Then Smiles At The Camera. https://youtu.be/aTJdXL-La58 Why Swedish Women Must Stay Indoors So They Are Not Raped By muslims. https://youtu.be/aMRq1iun3is Videos Of muslim "immigrant's" Sex-Crime Victims And Videos Of Rapes At Festivals etc... https://youtu.be/PFfK6TEWLjw Women Stoned To Death By muslims In Iran. https://youtu.be/mGZbFefrlTo Woman Sto...morened To Death By muslims In Afghanistan. https://youtu.be/T34-ubs9ni4 islam Cannot Fool The World Anymore! https://youtu.be/pbesvE-2VH8 muslims Throwing Gays Off Rooftops. https://youtu.be/INll6Y5iqbM Tell The Truth About islam! https://youtu.be/nhjvoJatKOY Message For "Offended" muslims. https://youtu.be/zF35a5E0uss muslims Kill Syrian Truck Drivers For Not Praying Enough. https://youtu.be/yAAq2EQLBkY The Truth About "islamiphobia". https://youtu.be/lR5KX5rDrsE muslims Execute Elderly Woman By Strangulation For "Knowing The Wrong People". https://youtu.be/4LBpmPXv1R4 The Truth About islam. https://youtu.be/9y7eWEjBBw4 26 Different qurans From Different muslim Countries All Saying 26 Different Things About islam. https://youtu.be/GA7SIbvEO64 muslims Killing Defenseless People In Nigeria. https://youtu.be/Od6xEARxHVw muslim Acid Attack Statistics In London. https://youtu.be/oHFfzVVRCm4 Acid Attacks Against Women A "Cultural Thing" For muslims. https://youtu.be/Ildtq20FK7I German Government Teaching "migrants" How To Impregnate White Women In Germany. https://youtu.be/WwZaT7kxOR0 Over 1,000,000 Native British Women Raped By muslims. https://youtu.be/EFkG-5mqALw Woman And Her Puppy Attacked By muslims In Denmark. https://youtu.be/O6CSNJTnzh8 muslims Hang Defenseless Man. https://youtu.be/JGrZ3GJkK9Q muslims Murdering Defenseless Prisoners. https://youtu.be/5XzThnFyjG0 Saudi Arabs Still Selling Castrated Afrikans As Slaves. https://youtu.be/c7y2LRcf4kc The Long History Of muslims Invading Europe. https://youtu.be/y8bOBqc6PHg islam Cannot Be Reformed. https://youtu.be/Eah1niD0dqs 20 Questions For muslims. https://youtu.be/htafiCywieU How Regressives Talk About Radical islam. https://youtu.be/4PNEdH0PxAw The quran Is A Comic Book Of Stupidity. https://youtu.be/uQBgrUObbHw Join islam? https://youtu.be/eiaTHfoyJow The True Origins Of The quran. https://youtu.be/eiaTHfoyJow islam, The Religion Of Peace? https://youtu.be/zwhq31Vj0aU Do You Think It's Normal That mohammed Was A Paedophile? https://youtu.be/PeXVP7TlSxY "Real muslim Feminist". https://youtu.be/UtH4N2E08gM How Is islam A "Religion Of Peace"? https://youtu.be/S0u-NeqKR1Y Truck Attack Of Peace, New Year's Edition. https://youtu.be/D3TIFH1q0bM Understanding Jihad.
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