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  • jeff4justice reply A Case Against Upload Limits On Vidme
  • Vidmefan101Z reply Thank for the info Gabe. I think it is because Vidme has no current Ad system of any kind. No little banner Ads or big pre-video Ads. YouTube has vast server farms but it has never made a profit.
  • patti-o reply It will be only a matter of time Before alt media gets censored On Vidme - any program that's Associated with Google is Subject.
  • nomore2partysystem reply It appears as though this only applies to a limited number of users so far.
  • puckchan1234 reply thought I would check in on you after a year or so. glad to see your still kicking. I don't think your channel should have been taken down. we all deserve the right to express ourselves. our last interaction you called me a troll. for expressing the view that your channel on youtube would not last because of your crazy views. but alas good things come to those who wait. seem to me your got thrown on that manure pile of trolls you worked so hard on. so here I am again expressing myself. so tell me gabe how is the smell down there.
  • puckchan1234 reply thought I would check in on you after a year or so. glad to see you finally go what you deserve. sometimes I do get a bit of pleasure out of being right. but I will say I do not thank your channel should have been removed. we all deserve to the right to express ourselves. but I cant help but to think you got thrown on your own manure pile of trolls. so here I am expressing my self again. tell me Gabe how is the smell down there.
  • 1HeadlinesWithAVoice reply Gabe, go try BitChute. That's where alot of us are. :)
  • Mckeehan reply You tube is fried. Wait for another platform.
  • OffgridJack reply Gabe - Can you knock off the older postings and put them somewhere else to view in the meantime and continue to post new videos? Then you can keep posting.
  • mdzialo reply Bye bye vidme.
  • The_World_of_RipX reply I called this a while ago, and what would end up happening if this came to pass... so sad
  • EyesWideOpen22 reply
  • jacktripper69 reply Shit man..i know u like posting every ten minutes. Whats this world coming to?
  • Mckeehan reply Keep building your vidme channel
  • greenspudtrades reply Was that Buddy sneezing at the end of the video? haha
  • [ – ] greenspudtrades reply I'm looking into and
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