Let's Play Minecraft ep 50

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  • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries reply Arrow to the eye. That's about how you seem to be reacting to the whole issue of this MC server shit. At least you got a laugh out of something from it all. I don't bother with servers all that much. I've been on one but far too laggy for me to play on even with just about four of us online or something. Tried the Mojang servers too but of course you can't use mods on them. Ended up saving the map we were playing on for a bit and using it for offline play now. We haven't messed with our Mojang realm since I got one for like.. three months and they were mostly busy anyway so were barely on.. so mainly me building by myself anyway. x_x I tend to not like servers like the Vox ones because PvP is never my thing so being on something like that is of no interest to me nor do I know much else about 'em or other servers. Folks tend to not stay on servers for long, it seems so you end up playing the game by yourself anyway. :/ Sorry.. this wasn't a helpful post at all.. I suppose just go wi...moreth what 'you' want. I do tend to listen to these in the background while I'm playing MC or something sometimes and other times I'm just sitting back watching 'em when one of the cats demands to be cuddled. So sorry this shit happened to ya, Shark. :(
    • SharkPlaysGames parent reply It's cool dude. I'm already over it 😊 This isn't the first time Vox's servers screwed me like this but I still enjoy it. I haven't had too much of trouble with pvp latley on the servers though I do expect it. I get what you mean though. I'm glad you're getting some enjoyment out of this series 😁
  • [ – ] WillyMacShow reply lol the rage is real, easily one of the best videos you've made
  • [ – ] Jetpi99Gaming reply Your rage is so hilarious!
  • [ – ] Strobilus reply what server?
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Also I want you to play with me!!!! And build something with me!
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply Have you looked at my house yet?
  • [ – ] WillyMacShow reply An extra long episode from Shark?!?! WHAT A DAY TO BE ALIVE!!!!
  • Platypus67 reply Birch wood changed into bitch wood, WTF?! I would be SOOOO PISSED!! That's FUBAR!! I mean i love black oak forest - but THIS?! And if it happens again..?! I am truly sorry for the loss of all your work! And you shouldn't use the server where those bastards grieved your stuff - they'll do it again; or build a thousand booby traps...
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