Are We Responding to Critical Issues the Wrong Way?

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  • [ – ] WiserInTime reply I was called a virtue signaler today on Twitter regarding the DaddyOFive thing. This is exactly what was tweeted to me, "If there's a better sight than virtue signallers destroying a family, I don't know what it is. Witch burnings maybe." I asked the guy if when seeing obvious abuse should people just have left well enough alone and the person replied "yup" and accused me of being on a "high horse". I was dumbfounded. How were the people drawing attention to child abuse the real problem? How was I virtue signaling? I think there's a difference between publicly declaring you're against Nazis or something like that and seeing through social media real life abuse and calling it as it is hoping to shine a big enough light on it that something gets done. Still shaking my head over it.
    • PeachBalie parent reply Exactly! I saw that from SOOOOO many people in their comment section defending them, saying they weren't abusive and people were just making a big deal to virtue signal.
  • Tfurstman reply Nice video
  • KatrinaThorson reply I really hope that after the daddyofive is done and over with, people will have more awareness and motivation to increase education on proper child care and proper enforcement in protecting abused kids. Some people might genuinely feel that the daddyofive issue is virtue-signaling because people only care when it's in their face and happy to forget about abused kids once this one issue is dealt with. That's not how I personally feel, however I'm not confident that bigger changes for kids safety (whether in families or in foster) will come to pass. Regardless, I'm thrilled so many people cared about the 5 kids enough to take time of their day to gather evidence and send it to cps and police.
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