Trump Gleefully Tests MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan: Nice!

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  • wolfalexzemla reply Good to watch your videos here instead of YOUBOOB TUBE
  • EmanWazz reply As long as the MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) isn't hitting civilians i'm fine with that shit lay waste to ISIS.
  • Jim-Bob reply Well done trump, it's a good day.
  • MidrangeKEK reply The MOAB has a mile wide blast radius, and needs to dropped out of a cargo plane. Tunnel complexes have always been hard to clear. Even in WWII the Japanese would often emerge to fight a amphibious assault after being shelled for hours or even days. Simple bombs do not have enough power to either collapse tunnels, cause serve hemorrhaging due to shock waves or to dissipate the air to suffocate the occupants. The MOAB and a few "bunker buster" style bombs are the only ones capable of seriously damaging any sort of underground complex.
  • [ – ] OpulentMiracle reply A fucking waste of money.
    • [ – ] MidrangeKEK parent reply Depends on the results. 16 Million for one, even if we dropped that much worth of standard 1/2 ton or 1 ton dumb bombs, it still would have little effect on a tunnel system.
      • [ – ] OpulentMiracle parent reply What happens if you blow up twenty or thirty militants? Nothing. They will be replaced in the next cohort by the children of their aunts, female cousins, nieces, and sisters. As long as the source of the militants is alive, new militants will continue to be born, trained & indoctrinated, and armed. Spending millions of our dollars on blowing up a few dozen of these guys doesn't achieve anything notable.
        • [ – ] MidrangeKEK parent reply So lets follow through on that logic. What is the "...source of the militants..."?
          • [ – ] OpulentMiracle parent reply Militants are created when people who live in a pre-modern, anti-rationalist culture and follow a fundamentalist religion clash with Western, neoconservative, expeditionary foreign policy.
            • [ – ] MidrangeKEK parent reply So what about the attacks in the EU, Britain, and Sweden? Especially Sweeden, where they gives generous amounts of welfare, actively seek to "recruit" migrants, and haven't participated in any middle eastern conflict?
              • [ – ] OpulentMiracle parent reply What do you think? The terrorist lone wolves align themselves with ISIS. You know who ISIS is and what they think. The individuals are from the same retarded, backwards culture, and they think they're attacking the Great Western Satan when they run over children and families on holiday. Do you think the terrorists make a distinction between USA foreign policy and EU or NATO foreign policy? Obviously not, their actions prove it.
                • [ – ] MidrangeKEK parent reply So we should rephrase "Western, neoconservative, expeditionary foreign policy" to "being western" because they don't make any distinction between any kind of policy held by any western country. Now how about other people who are in a "pre-modern, anti-rationalist culture and follow a fundamentalist religion"? Such as the Christians in Africa who still burn "witches" and kill gays. Why aren't they militants? Also why do we also find allies "from the same retarded, backwards culture"? We have allies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, yet they are from the same culture, and the same religion.
                  • OpulentMiracle parent reply "Western, neoconservative, expeditionary foreign policy" is a waste of money and recruiting method for Islamic terrorists. They want a crusader to fight, and it provides them with a crusader. Once they're ready to fight the crusaders, everyone in the West is fair game, whether they're a neoconservative and an American, or not. It is my personal belief that modern Christianity does not incite the individual to violence in the way that Islam does. If Christians do militate, it's usually under the banner of a political ideology, rather than their religion. Our allies in the Middle East are quite often 1) opportunistic fuckers that share nothing in common with us, and merely want to be in charge when the dust settles and 2) political moderates and secularists that think we're going to bomb the most fanatic guys first. They still don't believe in democracy, female rights, freedom of speech, or any of our values . They just want to be tin-pot dictators.
  • Sectual reply Thanks, Styx... I appreciate you keeping us abreast of these developments and sharing your insights on what it all means. I'm not trying to sound like I can't think for myself... but it's more a matter of me being busy doing other things throughout the day and the likelihood that I wouldn't have even heard about this today if not for this video.
  • SkogComplex reply See , if he had just done this instead of that Syria shit, the week would have been much better.
  • electricturkey reply The more jihadis killed, the better the news! I will drink for that TODAY!
  • StolenMoment reply A B-52 can carry 80,000 lbs of ordinance. A squadron can make a big mess. [stupid bombs=cheap]
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