Cenk Uygur is a Cartoon

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  • I3UTM reply My own TYT falling out: I was searching for alternative media back between 2006-2008 (as I was searching for a replacement for everything -- long story) and on YouTube I went from Democracy Now to The Young Turks. This allowed me to filter through their own network and subsequently, find RT, Al Jazeera, and the like. Around 2014 - 2015, I started noticing a shift in the main show and decided to follow other channels like Secular Talk, TYT Politics, TYT Interviews, SciQ, Nerd Alert, John Idorola's channel among others. But it was the 2016 election that I saw David Rubin was right. I am disappointed by the actions of the two main hosts, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. I've sort of have been "red-pilled" on alternative media even. I only sub to Nerd Alert, SciQ, and TYT Interviews (as there are some interviews I like,) and have focus all of my political content on Vid.me. I hope this helps you in some way. Thanks.
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