BATMAN/THE SHADOW #1 - Razör vs. Comics

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  • [ – ] StrikeRaidUnion reply how have i not found your channel before? i thought i was the only comic book channel on vidme glad i am not :)
    • freze_peach parent reply He's not just a comic book channel, he covers metal, politics, games (& probably more) and another reason that you might not have heard of him is he came from YouTube. Hope that explains some stuff and have a good one my dude.
  • [ – ] RoboLynx reply So, Razor, any shot of us getting another lost episode of The Shadow this year? I adored last year's experiment, right down to the Blue Coal ads.
  • SilentAssassin reply Don't forget about the gray ghost ( batman tas) who was clearly a shadow knockoff.
  • PirateMonkE reply Fucking love the Shadow. I have a shit ton of the old radio dramas on my iPod that I listen to constantly. Such an awesome character.
  • ScaryStoriesNYC reply Nice video. Early Batman copied The Shadow, yes, but also openly stole from Zorro and Spring Heeled Jack. Shadow, Zorro & the pulp version of SHJ were all seemingly impossible characters with the impossible parts explained away by the fact that they were rich playboys with access to advanced tech we proles can't afford. You can find an early illustration of SHJ in which he looks remarkably like the original version of Batman. SHJ was supposedly seen by real people jumping impossibly high, then later was adapted to penny dreadful and plays where he had a secret identity like Zorro or Lamont Cranston or Bruce Wayne. Thanks for the vid!
  • Cerebrawl reply Are you saying The Shadow isn't a Zombie Ninja raising Swashbuckler? ;)
  • SamEarl13 reply I don't really read comics that much but I feel kinda bad not knowing about The Shadow. Hopefully the crossover will get people interested in the old comics and stuff.
  • snatch219 reply Speaking of pulps, are you by any chance a Solomon Kane fan? I personally like him more than Conan. Cool video by the way. I'm gonna have to pick this one up.
  • Artalive01 reply I strangely enough was one of the (well lets be honest) only people who actually liked the shadow more than batman growing up... I'm not sure why, but I did. I just remember reading one of the old comics which at the time I had no idea which comic since the cover was gone but later found out it was In the Coils of The Leviathan. My dad had a few of the shadow comics and pulps and I just thought... "Damn, this is kind of bad ass." Where everyone else at the time were wanting to wear trench coats and sunglasses like Neo I was wanting a get-up like the shadow. I was weird in that manner but man did I love it. Now in all honesty I was brought up on darker fantasy and sci-fi (such as Elric and Warhammer 40k) growing up so the (at least from my recollections of the time) typical super hero comic did not interest me in the least. I wanted something more and I sure as hell wanted something that was dark... I'm kind of happy I found them that day. To bad they were all in rough shape. Anyh...moreow, great video as always mate.
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