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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Man, that brings back memories! The last time I played D&D live with other people was when I was a teenager. Since then it's all been on the computer alone. Not quite the same. Thanks for vlogging this!
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply I used to have a weekly meet up, but it unfortunately ended. I'm really looking to start again because I want to play a character that's for all intents and purposes is a human as far as rules go. However, I want to make him the shortest height I can make a human and give him a long red beard. Bottom line is he is a human, but he's insane enough to think he's actually a dwarf. I also have no intent on teaching him Dwarvish so he can just spout gibberish thinking he's speaking Dwarvish. With any luck we will have another dwarf in the party that my character can unintentionally annoy, because the real dwarf knows my character can't possibly be a real dwarf. Or perhaps we can have an elf for him to be unjustifiably racist against.
    • BJCRfilms parent reply Hahah!! that sounds fun, Right now in one the campaigns im playing just ended because two of our players died. So we had to make new characters but Our old characters are still going to be alive in that world, I cant wait to run into them. It will be interesting.
  • [ – ] rojit reply What's up homie!
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