DOOM - Funny Moments and Fails pt.3

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  • [ – ] xGlitterPants85 reply 🤣 oh dear god Mama you were going a million miles an hour in this video. Stupid demons wouldnt leave u alone. Always ❤️ me some Doom and MTG. 🙌💀🙌
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply Just the amount of concentration and focus she has is hilarious to me XD. Then she loses an arm and falls into a lava pit. There are much much bigger demons to worry about trust me ;) #HateTheBigOnes As far as streaming advice, honestly play whatever you love and whatever interests you. If you enjoy the game so will your viewers. And be you, people love you enough as it is so you'll be a hit no matter what. Dont stress over viewers either :) Most importantly have fun with it! :D <3
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply Hahaha really?? I don't feel like I was concentrating enough!!! XD I do not want to meet the even bigger big ones that's for sure!! Thank you for the advice any specific time I'm trying to find one that works as universal as possible! Thanks for the generous tip sir dookie as always! 🤗
  • [ – ] Bdubez reply If at first you don’t succeed . . . so much for skydiving.
  • [ – ] AJPatz reply Planet not earth. Astronomy level: NASA. For the streaming question do RE7. At a time that works for us and Murica
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply NASA did approach me to be honest because of my glowing knowledge about the planets and aliens! What time is that though hahaha
  • [ – ] Dreyson reply Archenemy: "Big One."
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply What in the world are you saying at the beginning? "Ohio!"? "Oh! Why? Oh!"? "Yo! I owe"? ... "Away, ho!"? Check this out, I've never seen anyone make killing demons look comical, but you pulled it off like a boss. Kudos for that. You should be a propaganda minister or some junk like that cause you could make bombing orphans look fun.
  • [ – ] Disparu reply "Our job is to clean this bitch up". *Proceeds to spray blood, guts, and various body parts all over the room* I'm pretty sure that's not how any of this works.
  • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer reply DOOM is such a great game :) Great video, nice editing too
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply thank you soo much!! :) glad you enjoyed the editing as well as the whole video :) Means a lot to me so thank you! and yes it's an epic GAME!!!
  • [ – ] LHE0_Love reply Omg this game gives me the most anxiety 🤦🏾‍♀️
  • [ – ] Bush_Bird reply Nice One! you are so funny :D
  • [ – ] Lawborn reply Oh the agony!'
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply I am 100% useless on first person shooters. But this game's soundtrack is sometimes exactly what I need....usually right after I've failed at a first person shooter.
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply I am just as useless like most of it is luck I always panic hahaha I love that maybe I should play that after I just failed just to rage along to the music xD
  • [ – ] blindfire reply So do you often have other tenants in your building question what is going on? The walls here are so thin if I started making all the noises you make while gaming my neighbors would question my sanity. It would be entertaining. Though you vocalize what I used to think while playing Unreal Tournament back in the day, so I can't be too hard on you.
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply haha well I have just moved into a new flat so far I heard nothing but that doesn't stop them from wondering does it hahaha in my old flat though I am sure people were thinking I'm crazy xD I have never played Unreal Tournament not sure I should seeing as it made you go crazy ;)
      • [ – ] blindfire parent reply Unreal Tournament was a game I played back in 2004-2006, back when I was younger and competitive in gaming. Yes, I did get twitchy while gaming and started cursing to myself. Though to be fair the guys next door my first year studying my degree were obsessive Counterstrike Source players, so maybe it was mutual.
  • [ – ] waveyboy reply I love the editing on your videos, you actually make gameplays fun to watch!
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply Comments like this make me soo soo happy because the work I put into making my videos is noticed!! Thank you so much also for the tip! :)
      • [ – ] waveyboy parent reply yeah for sure! no one wants to watch really long unedited streams of people playing games (anyone can do that) so i definitely appreciate when gameplays are edited so we can just see the best and funniest parts of the game. plus, your commentary is really A+ material by itself
  • [ – ] BedtimeGaming reply I love your comments then, you're realizations. "Like I have the power... oh, no I don't". I completely do the same thing. Another hilarious one. Always can get a good laugh from these. Thank you!!
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply hahaha yeah I literally just speak what's on my mind right this moment... not a lot of thinking goes into what I say xD hahaha Thank you soo soo much :)
  • [ – ] SubZeroAppleSauce reply Maria, are you playnig console, or PC?
  • [ – ] TheGrindedWord1 reply I love this game, but I got to a part that I couldn't get through. I just kept dying and dying. I have to get back to it someday and finish this awesome game!!! Great video, followed you!!
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply hahah listen I died soo many times at that last bit... I gotta try and get through this though otherwise I will go insane hahah! You can do it!!! Defeat the demons and save not earth! xD Thank you so much :)
  • [ – ] CollabCentre reply @MariaTheGerman #QueenofVidmeGamers
  • [ – ] jpakuma87 reply I'm surprised u haven't done multiplayer 👹 with all the overwatch vids u do! Are u gonna try the new hero? Good to see ya Maria 👊🏾
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply I think I would very badly suck at the multiplayer I mean you know my overwatch talents!! XD i will for sure try out the new hero always my favourite time! 🤗🙌🏼 Good to see you too!!!
  • [ – ] spiderfan_MJ reply This game looks so fun. Want to play it at some point. Funny stuff. :)
  • [ – ] ElReykingweewee reply I'm making sure I don't miss anymore of ur videos. Too many However you say it 😈.
  • [ – ] opaxel1967 reply good as ever , however you did look different .. like haggard .. not much sleep as of late ?
  • [ – ] tomtil reply Awesome video Maria! :)
  • LadyFuzztail reply There is a secret Gauss rifle in this level, see if you can find it, it is very useful for taking care of the Hellknights.
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