Anime Review: Mayoiga

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  • [ – ] thtguyoverthere reply hey that's pretty good
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I'm glad you brought up Mari Okada. That season there seemed to be a lot of memehate for Okada. If the show ever got melodramatic or did something wrong it became a self fulfilling prophecy that it was more bad Okada writing. Personally I find it to be a scapegoat because Okada has done some excellent work over the years not all of it being melodramatic. I found Mayoiga to be pretty mediocre because it set up a lot of resolutions that didn't pay off well in my opinion but it's not the worst thing I've ever seen. Thanks for the very astute review. :D
    • [ – ] RSNAnime parent reply Thank you for the great comment and for the tip. You're right, there does seem to be a lot of hate for Okada that is mostly undeserved. She does seem to have a style of writing which is a love it or hate it type of thing, though I haven't seen anything of hers that didn't get melodramatic at times. And I can see why the resolutions didn't pay off as well as you'd like, it's not a great anime, but far better than others have said it was.
      • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply Looking through the list of works on Wikipedia she's been on board for it is mostly melodrama or at least in points melodramatic. Kofuku Graffiti was not melodramatic from what I remember and Book of Bantorra had a lot of deaths but it was resolved very well in the end. Also I couldn't recommend Book of Bantorra enough if you're looking for action. She's done a lot of stuff that I've liked which would take forever to list and probably turn this post into a book so I can forgive her for a couple of flops.
        • RSNAnime parent reply I'll be sure to check out Book of Bantorra, it looks like something I'd like, and I'm glad to hear that it has a good resolution. I think I've seen 4 of her shows so far, Red Garden, Toradora, Kiznaiver, and then Mayogia. A lot of differences between them, but still a common thread through all of them.
  • [ – ] wabinosabi reply I dropped this after episode 5 because it turned out to be really disappointing. Maybe I should pick it back up and finish it. Great review!
    • RSNAnime parent reply If you didn't like it so far I'm not sure if there's reason to go back to it since I liked it all the way through about the same amount. Still, maybe worth a try, I'd be curious what your thoughts are on the rest of it would be.
  • Everything_Animated reply Meh. I watched like the first 3 episodes or 4 and gave up. Didn't care for this one at all.
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