Human Experiment YouTube vs Vidme (Update #1)

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  • [ – ] ChasingStars reply that does make things a bit difficult. but you have a great attitude and personality. cant wait to see more videos bub!
  • [ – ] News2Go reply youtube is the king of getting videos up. Vidme is still growing.
    • JoeMischief parent reply Sorry didn't get an alert to the comment!!! You're right. I am getting really fond of Vidme though... It's where my energy is going. YT is my spare. I think the potential of a growing platform is huge!!!
  • [ – ] sowhat_vid_me reply I am not a fan of youtube, they censor too much. I know what you mean with that upload limit. It bugged me as well, but it got removed now. I would just link your vidme channel in the description under each of your youtube videos, so that the people can find you on vidme. Just in case youtube decides to censor you. Many greetings to you.
    • [ – ] JoeMischief parent reply Sorry didn't get an alert to the comment!!! Thanks and yes I agree. I kinda am focusing less on YT now and mostly on driving Vidme. Hopefully they will verify me as want to upload more! YT is just my redundancy plan if I don't get verified!
      • [ – ] sowhat_vid_me parent reply They will verify you for sure. you just have to upload videos, have like 50 viewers and have your channel logo. I will just make a video about you. I hope it helps.
        • [ – ] JoeMischief parent reply Thank you that's very kind and thoughtful!!!I have applied again to be verified and as far as I can see I have all the qualifying points. Have loads more videos to do. I have one just waiting to upload!!!
          • [ – ] sowhat_vid_me parent reply I like your style. I am pretty sure they will verify you. I am just uploading a vid about you right now. Best wishes to you.
  • [ – ] Buckaroo reply Sorry wrong video - vidme and me had a moment! Vapers expo- part 2........!!
  • [ – ] Buckaroo reply When is part 2 coming????
  • EPIC-BLASIAN reply ...No this is Epic! Epic Blasian 😜
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