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  • ParadigmProspector reply Here I was, thinking you would never cross my path. But then you did. Yay! I went on Barium discovery with ya last night and you gave me many puzzle pieces through your authentic video, related and non-related to the 'white stripes'^^ Among other things I craft sound and music, so when you threw the 'idea' out there in passing (to put it mildly) that the universe could be based on resonance I almost fell out of my chair. A gazillion light bulbs went off, and that does not happen easily these days. So then I thought to myself: Now, I wonder if she ever got into curvature yet that would take the cake - nope doesn't look like it. Oh well, we all got a piece of the puzzle, no worries, cheers for all you offer already... And THEN I find your vidme channel and of COURSE... you got into it... with the open mind and non-pressure to conform to either side that I picked up from your information gathering ventures on yt... Perfect! In my view, neither model is correct and most flat earthers...more will bash me for it, just like globers. Working on the advanced vid now that blasts it wide open. The disc model does have several issues, and it's rather convenient how we were presented with the alternative at the same time the globe concept was torn apart. I always get suspicious when I am presented with w whole new package. Took me more than a year to find the catch but I THINK I have three catches now, in the flat disc model. Four, since watching this. THAAAAAAAAAANKS! I am super excited to throw it out there, rather than spam your channel more <3 Being on the fence is ideal for now. As for me, it all comes down to curvature. Is there curvature or not? Then, if we start from zero we have the best chance finding out what this place is, where and why. Flatness has nothing to do with the Earth-dome being a closed system I wholeheartedly agree. The universe has a way of always showing truth in everything that's happening if we are aware enough to pick up on it. For example, it strikes me as a COSMIC JOKE that the Neil degrasse interview takes place in a high-up office, and you can see the flat horizon behind them while they do their best to make fun of it <3 Oh universe ;) From my research, the missing land might not be the grand prize in all of this. Rather everything (at the moment^^) points to the basic structure of our universe NOT being what we are told. Both the globe AND the disc model (with antarctica being the 'ice-rim') do have something MAJORLY in common: both work as a closed system from a material 3d point of view. The crucial point is continuity of our realm. ** gotta bite my tongue here a bit... <3 If you are interested I would gladly share my reasons and research with you that lead me to this conclusion, but it is crucial to deconstruct the globe, the propaganda and the curvature BEFORE one ever goes there. Which would greatly qualify you, stating you are on the fence and NOT dogmatic about it. I am so excited to share this info in a concise and thought-out manner! I feel, your vid here was the last drop I needed to calibrate my video well - high five, eternally <3 On a more constructive note: Will you come join us at It really is a lot of fun and your info is heavily passed around already by many critical thinkers. Never looking back. I'm building my new tribe now ;=) and I could imagine you would greatly enjoy and benefit from checking it out, not only for your research and mature manner of presenting ideas, but ALSO to promote and spread your writings. It really is an artist's heaven ;) Feel free to start with my tribe and see if it speaks to your heart. Nothing to lose everything to gain <3 If you want to take some time off and enjoy some gems I shall have the audacity to point you to my yt channel as well, until I get that verification on here^^ Thank you for being. Much love from Europe sister <3
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